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About: Nush, Dxb, 17.

I just want to live the best life I possibly can.

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The Cast of How To Get Away With Murder - portrait session (x)

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danisnotinteresting | DO NOT CLICK

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“Periods aren’t an excuse to get out of anything.” —People who have never experienced blood pouring out of their genitals  (via capitiol)

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Current mood: Ryan Evans when he wasn’t allowed to sing HumuHumu


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Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and I think one day — if we’re very very lucky — he might even be a good one.

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“Il y avait dix-neuf ans que la cicatrice du Harry avait cessè de lui faire mal. Tout était bien.” —Harry Potter et les Reliques de la Mort (for all of you Harry Potter fans! 7/15 <3 )

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daniel radcliffe could have grown up to be so so awful, it would have been so easy for him to be terrible, we are truly blessed to have the danrad that we have

what a rad dan he is

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